Roof Repairs Margate

Ridge tiles on this job we’re all loose, the cement that ridge tiles were bedded on had crumbled into dust.
Here we’ve removed the existing ridge tiles, blown away the dust and re-bedded all 13 x ridge tiles, however, all ridge tiles have been “Mechanically Fixed” into place.

All 13 x ridge tiles removed. Loose mortar and dust are removed.

Here we fitted the Fascia boards and guttering all round, front, back, side and extension.
Later, the customer decided to have the flat roof replaced in GRP.

All ridge tiles bedded and securely fixed.
If you can “zoom in”…. you can see the fixings. These ridge tiles will NOT be moved!….
No matter how much the wind blows, they are screwed down and budging for nobody!…
Meaning: No damage below, no liability payable to neighbours or passers-by for damage caused to property or, “people” below!

Guaranteed to withstand the most severe wind storms.